Bloody Rain in der Presse

Music Extreme, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

BLOODY RAIN - HALF DECADE (Independent, 2002)

Produced By: Bloody Rain

Tracks: 1- Speed Up, 2- Dark World, 3- Where is Paradise, 4- The Forest, 5- I Hate Myself

Cover Art by Bloody Rain

Here we have a band that creates heavy rock tunes with many elements of pure heavy metal delivering five tunes with a lot of hooks in the vocals and a lot of rhythm in the guitar riffs. Here they deliver powerful guitar riffs over a good rhythmic base that shines specially on the drums. Sometimes the vocals seem a little bit processed as in "Dark World" and that adds a great cold feeling to the music and that makes things even heavier. There is some use of clean guitars that shine with arpeggios and melodies. There is influence of heavy metal, rock, punk and some alternative music too and the band mixes this influences succesfully to create their own music. This is a band of what I would call the new wave of german heavy rock and her they show their powerful tunes with really good quality.

Favorite tracks: "Dark World", "The Forest" and "I Hate Myself"


Quelle: Music Extreme, Buenos Aires (Argentina)