Band information

Who we are?
Who are Bloody Rain? - Our band exists since the late summer 1996. The basic core remained loyal to the band, and some worn out guitarists and a change of drummer later, we act in our present-day "dream-cast." *grin* Fun stood and always stands in the foreground - no matter on which stage we actually rock. We are honest, straight and give everything to enjoy our audience. Go and convince yourselves!   Let's rock!

Genre... always difficult to be described. But we don't invent any categories and don't poke about in a fog: We started somewhere around Heavy Metal - however one doesn't become younger either. In the last years, increasingly new styles influenced us, from Hard Rock over Punk to Guitar-Pop. Meanwhile, we simply say: "We play Heavy Rock." That’s it.

New media...
Of course we also like to play around with it. Multimedia parts decorated our previous demo CDs, and of course we are attainable on the Internet as well under – at some times our demo material could be heard there exclusively. MP3s, videos, photos, info and all other stuff, which belong to a nice website – we want to get in touch online as well.

March 1997: "Dreaming" (Demo tape, out of stock)
December 1997: "Party" (only temporarily on the internet)
January 2000: "Confused" (Demo CD-ROM incl. videos)
July 2001: "Half Decade" (Demo CD-ROM incl. live recordings from the year 2000)
August 2003: "Generation Suicide" (Demo CD-ROM incl. videos)

June 20th, 1997 / Cologne / Alcatraz (support for "Ultraschall") +++ April 17th, 1999 / Dormagen / "Newcomer Festival 99" +++ June 11th, 1999 / Neuss / "Millennium Music Club" +++ February 26th, 2000 / Dormagen / "Tanke - Rock Special" +++ March 18th, 2000 / Herdecke / Philipp-Nicolai-Haus +++ April 15th,  2000 / Cologne / Razz Fazz +++ September 9th, 2000 / Dormagen / "ASP Open Air" +++ December 22th, 2000 / Cologne / "Krebelshof" – Talent competition / Finale (1. Place) +++ July 20th, 2001 / Dormagen / "Offene Zeltstadt" of the BDKJ +++ August 11th, 2001 / Dormagen / Rock Inn "CD release party" +++ December 31th, 2001 / Dormagen / Rock Inn "New Year's Eve concert" +++ April 4th, 2002 / Düsseldorf / TV mappearance on NBC Europe / Giga ("Jukebox Heros") +++ May 15th, 2003 / Cologne / MTC