Band history

In this overview we collected the most important stations of our previous creative work.


June: After more than ten years on the Internet, gets a completely new surface, optical as well as technical.


January: Founding member Jens Krücken leaves the band.

May: Drummer Darius Zgrzendek leaves the band after moving for professional reasons.


April: A charity concert together with Anubiz, Bastard Nation and Wishing Nightfall brings in 500 EUR for an aid project in a region of Sri Lanka which was hit by the big tsunami.

July / August: Recordings for a new demo song start in the practice room.

August: The songs "Where Is Paradise" and "Speed Up" are integrated as soundtrack into the PC-Game "Desert Death Rally" from Bremen.

December: The new demo song "Profound Experience" (work title "Symphony") is published online on Christmas. At the same time, a new flash-based MP3-player is introduced.


January: Drummer and founding member Thorsten Gimborn leaves the band. The search for replacement starts.

May: Darius Zgrzendek joins the band as new drummer.


March: Bloody Rain is chosen for a special on

August: Publication of the new demo CD "Generation Suicide".


January / February: Three songs of the EP "Half Decade" climb into the Heavy-Rock-Charts on and stay in the Top 50 for weeks, partially in the Top 10. "Where Is Paradise" reaches place 1.

March: The song "Where Is Paradise" wins a net voting on The title "Jukebox Heros of the of week" goes to Bloody Rain, together with an invitation to the TV show NBC-Giga.

April: TV appearance on NBC-Europe / Giga. Bloody Rain joins the live broadcast for an hour and performs the song "Where Is Paradise".

October: In the popularity charts on Bloody Rain climbs on place 1 - even above The Flames (TV spot for Afri Cola).

December: Recordings for a new demo CD start in the practice room.


May / June: Studio recordings for a new demo CD start in Düsseldorf.

July: Publication of the new demo CD "Half Decade".

August: Presentation of the new CD with a party gig in a rock pub.


January: The first demo CD "Confused" is published.

May: Winning of the preliminary of the talent competition in the Krebelshof / Cologne.

May: Guitarist Natalie Pauls leaves the band.

July: Holger Trucks joins as the new rhythm guitarist.

December: Winning of the yearly finale of the talent competition in the Krebelshof / Cologne.


January: New recordings for a demo CD begin in the practice room.


May: Guitarist Markus Hurow leaves the band.

June: Natalie Pauls joins as the new rhythm guitarist.

October: The publication of the demo CD is cancelled, only parts are published on the website.


March: Practice room production of the first demo tape "Dreaming" in a small edition.

May: Keyboarder Arne Petersen leaves the band. The keyboard is deleted completely from the band cast.

October: The band moves in a new practice room in the basement of a school center.

December: Recordings for a demo CD start in the practice room.


August: Roland Diesel (e-guitar), Thorsten Gimborn (drums) and Jens Krücken (vocals) decide to establish a band. Together with Markus Hurow (e-guitar) and Arne Petersen (keyboard), the idea is put into action. A name is found promptly: Bloody Rain (meant as 'damn rain') - inspired by the Rhenish summer weather.

November: The first public appearance takes place in a youth center. In the same evening, Alexander Moll joins as bass player.